Wellness Coaching

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Are you annoyed and frustrated with your struggle of trying to lose weight?

Have you tried everything, like eating less and exercising more, but not getting the results that you want?

Would you like some compassionate, concrete, science-backed coaching to help you look and feel better?

It’s time for a new approach to improving your health, losing weight and feeling great!

I will help you discover  the root cause of your your stubborn weight gain and  help you reduce your chronic stress response.

And then I will help you connect the dots on how to come up with an action plan to lose weight and enjoy vibrant health.

The Big Picture of Health and Wellness

There are several dimensions to health and wellness and they are all interconnected. Our modern medical model is based on specialized maladies of the body and the mind that forget that we are a system of interconnected systems and focuses mainly on symptoms that are managed with drugs.

But symptoms are messengers that something is out of balance. And excess weight is a symptom that something is out of balance.

Let’s find out why you are out of balance. 

  • Nutritional: What you put in your mouth, makes a huge difference. Food can trigger a hormonal response; determine if you burn sugar or fat; possibly trigger food sensitivities causing inflammation in the body. Timing is also important.
  • Physical: How much you move your body has an impact on your health and your brain development/activity or possibly its deterioration.
  • Emotional/Mental: Your emotions and thoughts influence the release of the stress hormone, cortisol, in your body. Long term, high levels of cortisol can not only damage your body but cause fat retention as well.
  • Environmental: Is your environment calm, clear and conducive to healing and thriving? or is it cluttered, stressful, full of toxins and contrary to healing?
  • Spiritual: Tending to your spiritual life can have a positive impact on your health and help you follow your path toward your goals.

CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE COACHING SESSION (45 minute session) to see if we are a good fit. 617-513-5219

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