Client Testimonials

“Maureen has great energy for helping to set  and achieve high level goals and has a seemingly endless supply of practical suggestions for tackling life’s everyday challenges.”           Katherine, Chicago, IL

“I’ve been in business for over 30 years. But I found myself struggling with a few areas of my life and wanted to improve them. I hired Maureen to help me find new ways and ideas for optimal performance in my work and personal life. She provided great motivation, feedback and healthy alternatives through nutrition, mind/body awareness and other techniques. Her ability to understand my unique makeup, philosophies and what drives me were very instrumental in changing my mindset. My productivity, my revenue, my self-awareness and my outlook—which is more positive–have increased exponentially. What else could you ask for? I wholeheartedly endorse Maureen and her life coaching skills.”            Thomas J, RE appraiser, Boston, MA

“I had been experiencing extreme gastrointestinal distress and I spent months going to the doctor’s and having tests run.  Nobody was able to diagnose or treat the issue, and I felt that the doctor’s weren’t listening to my concerns.  So, out of desperation and need of some relief I start trying to find my own solutions by way of a more homeopathic approach.  This is when I reached out to Maureen and she suggested some supplements that she thought would solve the problem.  It worked almost immediately and I continue to have positive results from this method and I am very thankful for this.” Barbara R., homemaker, Somerville, MA